Raja Kayu Good Vibes Scented Candle #3

130 gm

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Highly recommended for clearing space or space cleansing. Very effective! Our specialised candles are for cleansing and clearing stuck energy from your space and environment. You will immediately feel the difference after burning the candles for 5 mins. This product comes in a pack of 6pc tealight shaped candles.

Note : Each tealight candles can be lit up, up to +/- 4 hrs

For 1st time users :Lit up 1pc candle for 2hrs straight only for the 1st time users, after that the duration as you desire.

Gross Weight : +/- 14g per tealight candle
Package Weight : 130gm per pack of 6pc candles

Palm wax is ideal for candlemaking. It is hard, like beeís wax, and produces excellent, clean-burning and long-lasting candles. It cools to a beautiful crystalline structure.

Palm wax is especially suited to scented candles. The wax itself is scent-free and therefore is ideal for adding scents. Also, it retains the scented oils very well, making a candle that keeps itís scent throughout the entire burning time. It also resists melting and losing scent in warm weather. The hardness of the wax also makes for a long-lasting candle. Palm candles tend to last longer than other type of candles of the same size.

-De-stress and relax body and mind
-Helps create a peaceful and calming effect in surrounding
-Clear stuck energy from your aura and surrounding
-Refreshes the air and revitalise your surrounding

Palm wax, Agathis Borneensis sawdust powder, Rose, Frangipani, White Musk, Nutmeg


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