Menang Whooosh

300 gm

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Menang Whooosh

Menang 8 Rajakayu Natural Exotic wood powder infused oil. With Red Sandalwood essential oil and Cedarwood essential oil. For self grounding & expansion of space to welcome more receivings. Calm, soothing, clarity, abundance, speed and space. Whooosh also cleanse and expand your aura field, giving you more awareness.

How to use :
You can use in a diffuser, a great aromatherapy oil usage

What shows up after using Whooosh?
Be in allowance to receive anything that shows up for you, do share with us!

Reviews from our users : (You can also find them in M8 web/page/group)
"It feels calming, soothing and more grounding. More focus and the aroma is therapeutic."

Sweet almond, Sandalwood Sawdust Powder, Menang wood sawdust, Raja Kayu sawdust, Cedarwood oil, Red Sandalwood Oil


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