The Raja Kayu Tree


Raja Kayu tree, is a majestic tree that is known to some as the "King of Wood" or in more scientific terms, "Agathis Borneensis". 

The species epithet "borneensis" means that the species is from Borneo. There are many types out there, however today we will be talking about our main ingredient in Menang 8 Raja Kayu product, which is the Agathis Borneensis tree. It is a small genus of 22 species of evergreen tree and widespread during Jurassic period.

Some of it's other common names are the Borneo kauri, Malayan kauri (English); bindang (Sarawak); kayu buloh, bulu (Iban); tolong (Brunei); mengilan, tambunan (Sabah); dammar, dammar daging, dammar minyak, tulong (Malaya); hedje (Tapanuli); salang (Kendayah); manggilam (Dusun); bangalan, bengalan (Sampit, Pilau); toga (W Kutai); bembuëng (SE Borneo); nuju (Dajak); enghatan (Sanggan); pisau, putut (Sintang); bamboeng, bengalen, bindang, mengilan, pilan, tulong (Borneo). Also the species epithet "borneensis" means that the species is from Borneo.

This tree is found in Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo. This rare wood species grows in tropical forests with an ever-changing natural environment. It grows up to 55m tall with a huge bark of up to 3.5m diameters and the mature Raja Kayu tree majestically covers a widespread of area up to 20m where no plants or trees can grow near it because the branches has shadowed the ground so sunlight could not penetrate easily and the roots of the tree spreads out underground massively.

However, the Raja Kayu tree is harvested from the wild for its wood and the tree bark is rich in resin, which are traded commercially. Rest assured, no tree has been chopped down for this purpose. The Malaysian indigenous or Orang Asli has sound knowledge of beneficial properties of trees in the jungle and they believe that the Raja Kayu provides the most benefits for our skin & body, as well as the most powerful protection to ward off negative energies & enhance the body’s magnetic field

Quoted from a blogger @
"There is some preliminary scientific evidence that extract of Agathis borneensis have anti-protozoan properties.

In Malaysia, Agathis borneensis was traditionally utilized for treating fevers.

In Malay pharmacopeias the species Agathis borneensis, it heartwood can be used to treat diarrhea, abdominal pain, joint plains, and reduce menstrual flow. It is also use to heal wounds." @

Raja Kayu will emit red light radiation when shine under torch light. Not even science could explain how it happen. Raja Kayu has excellent mechanical properties, high compression strength, density, and even hitting a nail in it is quite a difficult task. Anti-moth-bite, corrosion-resistant, oily, almost never crack nor deform, therefore is a fine material for wood carving.

When zoomed in to the Raja Kayu wood with a light shining from behind, you can see its radiant cells, it's as if it is alive.

Apart from this, Raja Kayu sinks, it usually does not float. The younger ones may float. Below is another test done with 2 different random wood piece and 1 Raja Kayu wood piece.

Benefits as quoted from another website in Singapore Raja Kayu General Info
The wood is used for many purposes by the indigenous and to name a few of them:
herbal medicine, ward off negative and dark energies, possess positive energy and expel negative forces, attract majestic luck in things they do, attract business, fortune and happiness, instill confidence and courage.

However, outside the indigenous community, they too have esoteric and medicinal uses.
+ energy balancer for mobile phones, wifi and electrical equipment
+ tools for healing the body by TCM and reflexology practitioners
+ prevent insomnia and promote a good night's sleep
+ eliminate bacteria in the air
+ help ease and eliminate physical aches and pains
+ help combat Bromodosis (smelly feet) and Athlete's Foot (especially when mixed with essential oil for natural fragrance)
+ help detox body systems
+ help brighten and create a clearer complexion
+ anti-inflamatory
Raja Kayu General Info

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