Menang 8 As One Of The Sponsors For Love Malaysia! Bazaar by HerPortal


Menang 8 will be one of the sponsors for Love Malaysia! Bazaar by HerPortal (previously known as Moms4projects) this 
Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st August, 2016!


This 20th & 21st August 2016, Menang 8 Rajakayu will be sponsoring goodie packs with love to nurture & nourish your skin with our natural Raja Kayu soaps and discount vouchers! The first 50 visitors to the event on both days gets the goodie bags! So be there early, however, don't be disappointed if you missed it, just drop by our booth and be amazed with what we can offer!

That's not all, come and celebrate the nation's big day (birthday!) with the ONE thing that Malaysians love the MOST!...FOOD! ♥

Love Malaysia! Bazaar featuring homecooked/homemade food/goodies and all things Malaysian made (artisans, handmade accessories/natural products, accessories, clothes etc).

What's more, you can even feast your eyes, whet your appetite with various choices of food to choose from, eat on the spot or 'Tabao' back home and share with your loved ones! Don't forget to show your support to all the other local Women & Mom Entrepreneurs and their Made in Malaysia products too!

Various activities will be in store, just bring the whole family out to this bazaar!
1) Food [prepared & packed from home, artisanal, traditional, Local or International, clean eating, dried, frozen & non frozen, etc]
2) Homemade jams, candies, sauces, flavourings, etc.
3) Cold Press Juices (prepared in advance or customise on the spot)
4) Cakes & Deserts (Muffins, Cupcakes, Jelly etc)
5) Snacks & Titbits
6) Handmade items (accessories, bags, purses, etc)
7) Artisans items (clothings, cosmetics, skincare)
8) Natural & Organic products (Made in Malaysia)
9) Lifestyle/Wellness care & services (Home confinement services, spa/massages, etc)
10) Home cooked/food delivery/birthday cake/party planning personalised services etc.

For details & to register for a booth if u'd like to participate, kindly get in touch with


So SAVE-THE-DATE to this event now!
Love Malaysia! Bazaar by Moms4projects


Remember to drop by Menang 8 Rajakayu booth and show your love and support to us, as our very own agents "Mom Entrepreneurs" will be there to sell, showcase & educate the benefits of Menang 8 Rajakayu Natural Artisan Made In Malaysia products that is nourishing for your skin, your body, you, your family and your surrounding!

Thank you very much in advance for the kind, generous and loving support!
We'll see you there!


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