Menang 8 At The Hypnobirthing Antenatal Seminar 2016


Menang 8 Sponsors For The Hypnobirthing Antenatal Seminar 2016

Our Menang 8 agent, Sebrinah attended the English KL seminar event with her husband and they had a truly amazing eye-opening experience on how hypnobirthing or gentle birthing can actually benefit them both physically & mentally and not just beneficial during birth, even before and after. How they can even apply it into their everyday life.

The seminar was from morning till noon. It was a full house! The participants were brought through a brief detailed summary rundown on what each couple can gain from attending hypnobirthing classes.

The speakers known as Daphne, Wendy & Nadia shared their real life birthing experience and some quick tips on getting into the best birthing positions, counter pressure tips & tricks during contractions and how our other half aka the husbands plays a very important role to support their wives and how they can be involved during the whole journey to ensure a pain-free & no additional drugs/instruments birth (and save some $$ along the way)

The whole seminar was not only about educating parents-to-be about the true beauty of giving birth to a baby, a new life, a new member to their family. However, it was also about educating parents-to-be of the choices that are available for them to consider and to learn to bring up to discuss with their gynaecologists and midwives. Apart from that, parents-to-be learn to be in control of their own physical state-of-mind as they embrace the incoming of their newborn whether it's their first time or second time or so on. Parents at the seminar were given a glimpse of what they can learn from attending "Hypnobirthing classes" from gentle birthing, to planning your birth plan, to finding the right hospital and gynae that is supportive towards natural gentle birthing labour or water birth and even proper postures in birthing that is with ease and comfort to BOTH parents involved. How the husband plays a big role during birth to support the wife in labour and how a pregnant mommy should have a proper posture when seated, lying down or even when standing up. So much more to learn in the "Hypnobirthing class" and this seminar gives you a brief rundown of what you can gain from attending them.

Overall it was a true eye-opening experience and a seminar that any parents-to-be must attend! Our M8 Agent Sebrinah signed up for their classes right after the seminar as she will be a second-time mom expecting her 2nd child "very soon". She was excited about it and she stated that she has made the right choice to a more natural and gentle method of birthing with applying hypnobirthing methods!

If you'd like to know more about Hypnobirthing and how it will benefit you and your partner, do look up the speakers social media page for more info :

Daphne Lee Yang
Birth | Breastfeeding | Beyond

Wendy Yong
Beyond Birth

Nadia Aziz

We at Menang 8 Sdn Bhd are proud to be one of the sponsors for this wonderful event and hopefuly many more in the near future! How does it get any better than this!

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