Our new and improved products has finally arrived!!


Menang 8 proudly present to you our New & Improved Products!


As most of you should be aware by now that we have 2 types of soap. The "Melt & Pour (MP)" and "Cold Process (CP)" soaps (Read here to know more MELT & POUR VS COLD PROCESS SOAPS)

Our "Melt & Pour (MP)" artisan soaps are now SLS-free! ZERO SLS! No SLS!


And that's not all! The new packaging made out of real "teak" leafs are beautifully designed to wrap each bar of soap with tender loving care (TLC) that is natural, eco-friendly, durable, waterproof and upcyclable!


Why "Upcycle"?

Simply because you can collect the packaging material and once you've collected enough, you can upcycle them into beautiful custom handmade bags, pouches, wallet and etc.

Some examples :


New Menang 8 Rajakayu Rose Geranium Soap (100g)

We have also launched the Menang 8 Rajakayu Rose Geranium 100g soap bar together with these new packaging and ZERO SLS!



So what are you waiting for?!
Hurry, start collecting these lovely new Menang 8 Rajakayu soap bars today!

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