Melt & Pour vs Cold Process Soaps


Melt & Pour vs Cold Process Soaps

As most of you should be aware by now that we have 2 types of soap. The Cold Process soaps and the Melt & Pour soaps.


What are the "Cold Process (CP)" Soaps?

Cold Process soapmaking is the act of making soap from scratch by mixing fixed oils (common oils include Olive, Coconut and Palm) with an alkali (Sodium Hydroxide or Lye). The result is a chemical process called saponification, where the composition of the oils change with the help of the lye to create a bar of soap. One of the main benefits of cold process soapmaking is having complete control over ingredients. Depending on the ingredients you use, cold process soapmaking typically yields a long-lasting bar of soap. However, due to the chemical process, not all fragrance oils, essential oils, and colorants survive in cold process, thus limiting design options. Plus, patience is a virtue as this process involves a 4-6 week curing time.

Menang 8 Rajakayu "Cold Process (CP)" Soaps are :

1) Menang 8 Rajakayu Goatsmilk Soap

2) Menang 8 Rajakayu Cedar & Cypress Soap


What are the "Melt & Pour (MP)" Soaps?

Melt & Pour soapmaking is the process of melting a pre-existing soap base, most often adding color, fragrance or essential oil, then pouring the soap base into a mold. For Menang 8, we only add essential oil, no colouring & no fragrance added. Once fully hardened, the result is a bar that is able to be used right away. Benefits of melt and pour soap include kid-friendly process, and no curing time. Also, because of the additives in melt and pour to make it easily re-meltable and the lack of curing time, melt and pour soap does not last quite as long in the shower as cold process can. Because melt and pour soap is ready made and the process is relatively easy, users are able to focus on the design of the soap. Most novelty soaps are made using "Melt & Pour" techniques.

 Menang 8 Rajakayu "Melt & Pour (MP)" Soaps are :

1) Menang 8 Rajakayu Basic Soap

2) Menang 8 Rajakayu GEM Aura Soap

3) Menang 8 Rajakayu Lavender Soap

4) Menang 8 Rajakayu Lemongrass Soap

5) Menang 8 Rajakayu Rosemary Soap

6) Menang 8 Rajakayu Rose Geranium Soap

7) Menang 8 Rajakayu Patchouli & Bergamot Soap

8) Menang 8 Rajakayu Frankincense Soap


What’s the difference between "Melt & Pour (MP)" and "Cold Process (CP)" soap?

Melt & Pour (MP or M&P) utilizes a pre-made base that is ready to use as is (literally, you could take the melt & pour block, as-is, get in the shower and lather away!). But this block of unassuming plain soap is waiting for your personal touch to transform into something amazing. Cold Process soap is made by mixing or saponifing lye and oil and the resulting chemical reaction is soap. With M&P base, the saponification and waiting step has been done for you while with CP, you do it yourself. It’s similar to using a cake premix (melt & pour) versus from scratch (cold process).