How to use our M8 RK Sprays?


How to use our M8 RK Sprays?

Our RK Sprays are very versatile. You can use it to spray in the surrounding air around you, your home, your workspace, in your car or even on/under your bed.

How does it work when used at specific areas? Why? When?

1. Hair - Spray around in the air, over your hair, keeps hair hydrated & less frizzy
2. Body - Spray around in the air, keeps u feeling refreshed after bath.
3. Your home - Helps keep the air cool and refreshed. Clears stuck energy and shifts the energy of your home improving it. Promotes good sleep and also very calming in nature. Kids can feel the difference more than us adults.
4. Your workspace - Clear stuck energy at your workspace, promotes calmness.
5. In your car - Works like an air mist spray to keep u awake especially when stuck in traffic, refreshes the air in the car, keeps the air in your car feel cooler and even calmer.
6. On/Under your bed - Spray the rooms or directly on the bed. Because when we sleep at night the stuck energy/aura that we bring home or build up from the day will subside inside the room, so with the spray it will help shift the energy and clear all these stuck energy from the bed or room. Helps promote a really good sleep too.


WAIT! There's 2 sprays?! Which is which??

Okay, worry not just remember at all times both Menang 8 RK Sprays works the same EXCEPT RK Red Power Spray has an added ingredient known as the Red Tongkat Ali (Jackia ornata) hence with this ingredient it makes our RK Red Power Spray the "advanced version" of the RK Gem Aura Spray. However, use with caution as it is not recommended to be used on babies/kids and near the face or eyes.


Not feeling well? This spray can help too!

Headaches/Migraines : Spray around you to freshen up the air around you.

Stress/Frustrated/Depressed/Feeling Negative/Sad : Spray around you. You'll feel your mood will lighten up, calmer, refreshed and awake. (Then push all these negative thoughts/feelings and walk away, move on to something better. Don't dwell on it.)

Tiredness/Lethargic : Spray around you to freshen up the air around you.


You see, there's so much of benefits and ways to use our sprays! And like all Raja Kayu products from Menang 8, it'll help to cleanse and at the same time shift the energy for us too!

So Keep Calm & Spray RK!


Give it a try today. Get your Menang 8 RK Sprays from our dealers or agents near you or you may place your order on our web today.

Get yours today!

Raja Kayu GEM Aura Spray (150ml)
Raja Kayu Red Power Spray (150ml)


Disclaimer : The benefits listed here are experienced personally by our dealers, agents and other people who have purchased and used our “Menang 8 Raja Kayu” products.  Each person's experience is unique and may differ person to person.  Details are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied on for medical, legal, psychiatric or any other professional advice of any nature.