Not Your Ordinary Candles


This isn't your ordinary candles.

1st of all, it does not contain paraffin/paraben, its odorless (NO SCENT/SMELL), it's shaped in a "tealight" candle that can float on shallow water in a glass cup holder, and we use Soy Wax and Natural Pure Raja Kayu sawdust.

The difference between our candles and other candles sold outside is of course, Raja Kayu. It helps to cleanse and shift the energy in its surrounding. Just like how Feng Shui works. Energies in surrounding needs to move to keep things fresh and positive. After awhile energies can get stuck and become stale; That's when people living in that area get sick easily, feels tired, stressed out, angry, feels or thinks negative and whatever you try to do doesn't seem to work out well.

That's where our Menang 8 RK tealight candles takes place. Just lit one up and in 5 minutes some can even feel or see the difference.

Hence, don't treat our candles like those sold commercially in the market which are mostly scented. For these commercialy sold candles, when you lit them up, you smell the scent and you feel good.

Our RK Tealight Candle works by shifting the energy in the space. And thus, will move those stuck and stale energy. The Harmonizing 3 Candles will then help to harmonize the surrounding.

So it is no wonder why our current users immediately get good response or better luck in whatever they are doing!

Opportunity ("Rezeki") is not found just in career, wealth or health. It comes in many forms!

Remember this, those scented candles you see sold in the markets are chemicals. You are inhaling chemicals and paraffin/paraben. Our candles are non-scented and non-chemical.

Give it a try today. Get your Menang 8 RK candles from our stockists or agents near you or you may place your order on our web today.