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What is Raja Kayu?

Raja Kayu is a jungle tree. The scientific name is Agathis. These trees grow up to higher than 35 feet in height in the jungles. The Orang Asli have been using this wood for its mystical power.

How is Raja Kayu harvested?

We only take the fallen branches of the Raja Kayu tree harvested by the Orang Asli or Malaysian indigenous. They were not harvested directly off the trees themselves.

What are the scientific test on Raja Kayu?

Scientific test on RK done by Malaysia Herbal Medicine Research Center found that RK wood has healing properties for headache and myalgia (muscular pain, muscular rheumatism).

Is RK black magic?

No. It has the capability to remove stuck energy. And also just like any natural ingredient, each has its own unique benefits and therapeutic values.


Can babies and children use Raja Kayu soap?

Yes. However, it’s best not to let babies use the Extra RK concentrated soap. You can use others that have essential oil or goat’s milk.

Can people with eczema use RK products?

Yes, however results varies from person to person as every person's skin is different.

How long can the soap last?

It depends on the usage. Typically one bar of soap can last for one month per person.

Are the candles safe for pregnant ladies and children?

Yes it is safe. However, special care still need to be attended when it comes to "candle" especially when around children and pets. As in any other candles usage, always use appropriate candle holder and always adhere to candle safety rules.

Why are the RK candle not scented?

It is unscented so that it gives it more versatility. We do not want to use fragrances as it is artificial / synthetic. And to use pure essential oil will be expensive as we want to make it more affordable for everyone to use our candles. Plus there are so many varieties of scents to meet everyone preference. By making it unscented, people can use the oil burner to burn any of their favorite essential oil using our tealight candle. It's more cost effective and versatile.

Can I blow off the candle and continue again?

Yes you can. You do not need to burn the candle in one go. However, the most crucial burn to your new candle is its first one. This is what is known as a memory burn. The initial burn is the one that is most vital to a complete melt pool, where liquid wax is touching every side of the container. And, even more importantly a memory burn in the candle is the one that sets the boundaries for every burn after that. A good rule of thumb to prepare for your memory burn is to know the diameter of your candle. For every inch in diameter that your candle is wide, you need to gauge one hour of burn time. So, if your candle is 3 inches wide; you need to be able to burn your candle the first time for at least 3 hours. So, for the memory burn, it is important to start it when you know that you will be able to keep an eye on it for the allotted time necessary. This rule does not apply for the subsequent burning of the same candle.

Does RK candles contain paraffin?

M8 is 100% soy wax. How often to use RK products? You can use as often as you wish. Our soaps and candles can be used on a daily basis. You can definitely replace your current soaps / cleanser with any of M8 RK soaps.

What are the ingredients used in making the soap and candle?

For our candles, we only use 100% soy wax plus Raja Kayu and other sawdust depending on the candle range. For our soaps we use vegetables base ingredients plus Raja Kayu (and other sawdust depending on the range) and essential oils. We do not use animal product except for goat's milk in one of our soap.

Why I can't feel anything after using RK products?

Some people take longer time to see results. If you have never use Raja Kayu product before or have not use for a long time, start with Raja Kayu variant product first before moving to other blends of Raja Kayu and other sawdust (ie. RK Gem Aura Soap). The same thing goes with candle. Start with RK Candles first before moving to other candles (ie. Harmonizing 3, etc).

Can I just use the wood instead of soap and candle?

Yes but the effectiveness is minimal.

Does proceeds goes to orang asli?

Indirectly this helps the Orang Asli as they are the one who go in the deep jungle to look for the Raja Kayu and carry them out. We pay them fair price for their effort and labour.